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JavaScript, don't you just hate it?
Boy do I hate a website that does not show anything unless you have JavaScript enabled.

Well, here you have it, this is a page that does not show you anything (of interest) when you have JavaScript enabled. How much of an annoyance do you experience when you visit a JavaScript infested site? At least this page shows you classical unreadable junk when you have JavaScript enabled (sorry for the layout, the 90'ties were calling).
Sometimes a passive aggressive note can be a real relieve. Especially for the one writing it.

You do know that tracking is exceptionally easy with JavaScript? Think of ~name-your-company-here~'s ad services and click-service junk. How much do all those third parties know about you because a lot of client side code is executed without you knowing what it actually does?

You are being watched. You are being tracked. You are being watched and tracked by all. And, you are making it easy for others to track you. I prefer not to inform people of my doings until I decide to reveal information I deem worthy of sharing. I have things to hide and I am proud of the things I hide.

Argh! to all those who create "rich" websites that are infested with scripting; both junk from third parties, cross site content scripts and ill-advised complexity. Especially when nothing can be seen on such site if no scripts are allowed on the client-side.

It is not just the NoScript or Adblock that help me, but also Greasemonkey[note], wget, elinks and lynx. Why are websites making it so very difficult to get information? I am not interested in your ads, but the information to further my knowledge. Is that so hard to understand?

Yes, yes, I hear complaining about "who will pay"-bla-bla. Do not, for any second, think that the web operators are altruistic. Either by clicks or by behavioral data, they sell you and your data and pass their grandmother along with the data free of charge. Why is it that some sites have layer upon layer upon layer of clicking and hiding. Don't let them and don't help them. Disable all scripts.

Note: Oh the irony, Greasemonkey is also scripts. However, it is not under remote control. I decide how it is written and what runs. That is the difference

Posted: 2013-12-19
Updated: 2013-12-19

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