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Dot Flip Control
Control a Flip-dot screen at high speed
We got some flip-dot signs at the local hackerspace OSAA and we wanted to get them going. The flip-dots are from busses, where the signs got replaced by LED displays. However, the flip-dots are such a lovely technology that you just need to hack them.

Rasmus has been coding a simple serial interface to flip dots while (robot-)Asbjørn and myself have reverse engineered parts of the hardware interface. Subsequently, Asbjørn (the other one) coded some python based wave simulations and Rasmus ported tetris and implemented a real-time video feed.

We have a blog entry on G+ from Flemming which includes a small video of our test setup. It shows an animated 3D cube and illustrates the speed we managed to achieve.

With all the possibilities now, it'll be fun :-)


We now have a collection of code available at The code has the firmware of the controller as well as a QT based flipdot screen simulator and a fly-through-the-maze game.
flyboy1 flyboy2 flyboy3

We have the lot running at the local library. We'll make a video and post it here (done).

The sound of the flipdots (very nice indeed).

Posted: 2012-12-31
Updated: 2013-02-21

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