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Uryyb jbeyq!
Cyrnfr penpx lbhe urnq bire guvf pbqr. Vg vf n fher gvzr bs jnfgr (yvxr tenzzne).
Lbh pna znvy zr ng ebg26( vs lbh unir n ybg bs gvzr.
OGJ, lbh xabj gung qrpelcgvat guvf zrffntr vf abg nyybjrq?

(For the poor souls who cannot decrypt the above message*, please click on the links on the left provided to you by your browser. It will take you to the different projects presented on this web-site.)

[*] Decrypting messages may violate your local laws. If you never heard of the Caesar cipher, you should go read about it. Don't let anyone know you decrypted the message, you may get in real trouble.
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