A CVS/RCS repository grapher

old FAQ

  1. I get the error "cvsgraph.c:52: #error No image output format available. Check libgd" when running make
    This is caused by libgd missing vital libraries. Please check config.log for the details of which library is missing. Then add a --with-xxx-lib=yyy to configure. Rerunning configure means that you might want to run 'make distclean' first, or remove the cache file to make sure that everything is checked.
    Most often this happens on systems where you have libgd compiled as a static library (manual installed libgd and associate libraries).
    If you know how to write proper autoconf checks, then please send me a patch, or tell me how to do it.
  2. I get lex errors "lex: illegal option -- 8"
    This is because you need to use flex. Get it from a GNU mirror near you.
  3. I get lex errors "rcsl.l", line xx: undefined symbol: rcslval"
    This is because you need to use bison. Get it from a GNU mirror near you.
  4. I get errors translating/compiling file rcsy.y
    This is because you need bison. Get it from a GNU mirror near you (byacc might work, but I do not support it).
  5. cvsgraph and/or configure can't find all (dynamic) libraries
    This seems to be a major problem on SunOS and the like. You need to check the library-path to include /usr/local/lib because many libraries end up there.
    For SunOS 5.9 you can do something like: crle -l "/usr/lib:/usr/local/lib"
    Can someone please send a patch for so that detection works?
    Also, please check the /etc/ file on Linux and check if the webserver (in conjunction with viewcvs) adds/strips a LD_LIBRARY_PATH or setting.
  6. Does CvsGraph support Subversion?
    No, no and no. Subversion is a no go because they have trashed the tree-structure of branching by making the repository a copy database. Not even tags are real, but copies of files. A quote from the subversion mailing list (alt link):
    > Does CVSGraph version 1.5.0 support subversion repositories when used with
    > development version of ViewCVS?

    The basic problem that cvsgraph solves for CVS (full history tree browsing) is at best untenable, and worst impossible, in Subversion right now (due to the design of the repository). This is a problem we aim to solve (in Subversion) in the relatively near future.
  7. I get no image in ViewVC/ViewCVS but see a Python Exception
    You probably see something similar like:
    exec failed:
     cvsgraph -i -c /.../cvsgraph.conf -r /yyy -x x -3 ... <and a lot more parameters>.... yyy/file.c,v
    Content-Type: text/html
    An Exception Has Occurred
    Python Traceback
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/.../lib/", line 3611, in main
      File "/.../lib/", line 388, in run_viewvc
      File "/.../lib/", line 2226, in
        rcsfile), 'rb', 0)
      File "/.../lib/", line 125, in popen
        os.execvp(cmd, (cmd,) + tuple(args))
      File "/.../usr/lib/python2.2/", line
    299, in execvp
        _execvpe(file, args)
      File "/.../usr/lib/python2.2/", line
    337, in _execvpe
        apply(func, (fullname,) + argrest)
    OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory [emphasis added]
    The problem is that the cvsgraph executable cannot be run because it is not found. This is most of the time because you have misconfigured the option cvsgraph_path in the viewcvs.conf file. Please check that you have a trailing '/' in the path and that no leading or trailing whitespace is on that line.